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This is the grand opening of GiftedHands4ubyme. Welcome, to my hand made crafted store. My name is Susanne, and I've always dream to have my very own business. At the precious age of 10, I learned to crochet. I enjoyed crocheting dollies with my mom, she was a teacher. I was enjoying the learning process but then as I grew up I kind of left crochet behind. But deep down inside of me, I knew crochet was for me. In the early 2017, I found myself back crocheting. Not really with the intention to start a business but really for fun. I decided to crochet my twin daughters a hat and scarf set for the winter. In doing so I made one for myself and my husband. Once we began to wear our sets, people began to ask where did I buy them from. I would reply, " Oh I made them!". They would give me the look of disbelief but I would assure them that it was true I made them. Then soon after I was getting orders and then my phone was ringing more orders. One of my customers then asked when will I get my own website. I thought, my own website I can't do that! But then, I thought I will do just that. I decided to believe in myself and look at me now! As the famous quote states, "She believed she could and so she did...". This is my story, and I welcome you to my website.

As an opening gift from these 'Gifted Hands' to you, please use coupon code MarchMadness for free shipping on orders $30 and up till April 10th.

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