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Hi my name is Susan, I am the hands and creator behind giftedhands4mebyu. I've always dream about owning my own business,and this dream became reality.  At the age of 10, I learned to crochet from my mom. I enjoyed crocheting dollies with my mom, it was our bonding time. As I grew older crochet began to drift away from me. Deep down inside of me, I always knew that crochet still had a special place in my heart. In 2017, I picked back up my crochet hooks and never looked away! I decided to make a hat and scarf set for my twin daughters. I also made one for my husband and myself. People began to compliment my work and ask where can they make a purchase. This surprised me, but not as much as when people began asking for my website so they can see my work. I thought to myself, "my own website wow, can I really do that". Here I am living this reality and I really and truly love it. I put my all in every item I crochet. My Crochet dolls are one in a kind because I put my personal touch in every one of them, no two are the same. I love receiving custom orders because I get to make my clients dreams come true in a doll! The sky's the limit, with what I can do. As the quote says, " She believed she could and so she did"! This is my story!



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